Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 48- AND They work on Sundays!

We love subcontractors! :) They worked today and just about finished the HVAC. All vents are in on all floors. The black ductwork tubing is in all over the house... looks really funky! :) Just need electricians and Guardian and we're ready for drywall!! This is moving along!!


  1. Here is a tip regarding HVAC with RH.. Look at the HVAC page of the blue prints in your house and review where the runs are supposed to go vs. where they were installed. There were a few runs listed on the blue print but missing from install, and we talked to the PM and he had them correct some..

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  3. Good to know they can work even on Sundays to meet up. Can't wait to see pics of how it is all coming together.