Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 30 - Framing rained out

Framing was supposed to start today.... but it didn't.... rain showers all day. :( It's Wednesday... PM update day... not sure if we'll hear anything since we're just waiting on framing to start at this point. Crossing my fingers that things will start tomorrow!

update: PM did call... framing was supposed to start this afternoon but didn't due to rain. It should start tomorrow morning. He's meeting with the "head" framer in the morning to make sure that he knows the plan to frame it in a way to give us the most amount of space in the garage possible... glad to have had some communication.:)


  1. Hope the sun is out shinning tomorrow!!!

  2. Rain is so annoying when you are trying to build a house....
    Yes, fingers crossed for tomorrow!!!!

  3. Hope the weather holds up tomorrow morning! Good to hear that the PM seems to be on top of things so you can get that extra garage space.

  4. I'm crossing my fingers that they are able to get your extra garage space!!