Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 82 - carpet

It's Saturday! Saturday of Labor Day weekend... and.... they are working at the house! Laying carpet!!! They had all of the pad in when I stopped by this morning. Will go back tonight and try to get pictures. I was shocked... they weren't supposed to do carpet until Tuesday!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 81 - Hardwoods and LOTS more!

Our driveway, porch, and sidewalks were poured yesterday.  We drove by but didn't go in since they were working late last night. We could see the ladders in the entry way so we figured they were painting.  We did go in today and painting is done and looks great!  Towel bars, toilet paper holders, and shower door are all installed.  Shelving in the closets is in.  Carpet has been delivered and is in the garage. Oh... and of course... the hardwood is in! It looks great!!! 

The cabinet over the refrigerator seems really low.... hope our fridge fits!

waiting on venting for the microwave I guess?

This skinny cabinet goes above the microwave. It's not deep AT ALL... maybe good for spices if I can reach them?

Powder room

Peek at the floors!

Master closet! :)

Master closet again. Can you tell I'm excited about this?

Master bathroom shower door.

Master bath again.


Handrails are in... they are loose. Hope they tighten them up!


Kids' bathroom.

Linen closet

Kitchen Pantry!

Wiring is ready for the TV

carpet and pad waiting to be installed.

Another peek at the floor

Not crazy about the way the concrete and the curb meet. Cracks there.. hope they fix this.
So...what's left...
Install carpet, granite, toilets and pedestal sink, faucets, door knobs, porch pillars, sod and seed, deck, last row of siding, finish the island and a couple of cabinets, molding on the cabinets, finish installing the metal rods on the stair case, install the handrail and trim to the basement, install the rails at the bottom of the basement stairs,... .what am I forgetting? I think that's it. There will be plenty of touch up paint to be done, but overall it looks great! So very glad we chose a paint color instead of leaving it white. It already makes it feel cozy!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 79 - Lights are ON!

Lots happening again today and yesterday.  Still a couple of cabinets to hang and a couple of places of trim to finish.  They apparently ran out of material again. But... lots did get done... Trim and doors were all painted today.




lights are on in the basement and it is BRIGHT!



Getting ready to pour driveway and sidewalk this week!

Alarm system is in... smoke detectors beep nonstop.. I don't know how the workers listen to it beep all day long!


Motion detector is in too!


Cabinets almost done... still a few to hang. They did measure for granite today and it will be installed next Wednesday.

Light on in the dining room!

Stairwell is stained! Looks great!

Basement stairwell is stained...missing a piece to install it though. Trim guys are coming back next week to finish.


Prewire for the projector is in!

Speakers are in!

Lots of connections here... hope we can figure all of this out!

Speakers in the ceiling in the basement.

Handrail for the basement stairs.

Electrical box in, hooked up, and labeled.

So.. what's next? The final rows of siding that had to go in after the stone will be done this week. Driveway this week.  Hardwood goes in Friday and carpet next week! We are still missing a light in the half bath.. so we still have to ask about that.  We've seen some things that need fixed, but not major things.

Also, we did lock. We went with NVR. As we got closer to being within 30 days the LO was very good about running numbers for me and sending me rates. We locked at 4.75, put 15% down and are buying out PMI up front. Not the greatest rate, but to be honest I'm tired of worrying about it. 

The other Vic Falls down the street from us closed today and looks great!  Things are getting closer!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 77 - light fixtures, electrical outlets, cabinets, thermostat, and HVAC unit!

Wow! They got sooooo much done today! The trim guys are very nice... we talked to them yesterday and today while they were working. Have I mentioned I can't believe how much they got done today?
exterior garage door lights are in.. .I forgot to look at the light by the back door and I forgot to look for can lights on the porch.

Mudroom light.

ooooh electrical outlets.....

Can lights in the kitchen....

thermostat is in!

vents are in everywhere!



Dining room light fixture is in!

I spied this out of the dining room window....

Can lights, vents and smoke alarm upstairs....

the light in my closet... I think this needs to be little chandelier don't you agree?

Master bathroom light.....

Kids' bathroom light fixture.....

 My son's room.... electrical outlets and floor trim are in....

Daughter's room....
Can lights in the basement are in... there are a couple of oops holes in places... I'm sure they'll get fixed.

Cabinets are going in... should be done tomorrow.  They are measuring for granite tomorrow.

another shot of the cabinets... I need to go shopping for hardware!

They did some grading of the lot...


My lovely children showing off the HVAC unit....

View of the front after grading....
So, we still haven't locked.. glad to see rates drop a bit today. We will lock this week I'm sure... it's getting close! We did find out today that we can pay PMI up front and not put as much down... after running the numbers... it makes sense for us to keep some cash in the bank and do this... so.. if rates drop some more tomorrow or Wednesday...we will be locking! Can't wait to have that done!  I'm starting to accumulate boxes so we can pack this tiny apartment and get out of here.
I submitted a request for a moving company.. they asked what is the best way to communicate with me and I said email... they have yet to email me... just called once.. .so why did they ask???  Looks like I need to get busy on that!