Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 44 - Prewire Meeting

We met with Guardian today for our prewire. We marked cable outlets in all the bedrooms and above the fireplace in the family room. We also marked out for the home theater system. We didn't finish what they call the media room. We are using it for storage, but we are going to hang a projector in the basement and we got the surround sound system. So we marked for speakers. We were also able mark for them to hide all of the components under the stairs so we won't have any wires or receivers showing. It's going to be SWEEEET! I think it's my husband's dream basement. He keeps saying he can't wait until football season... I just hope we're in for football season!!!

The workers were doing all of the outside trim work while we were there. PM says shingles and HVAC will start Monday. Wiring will start early next week! We did realize that the basement windows aren't in yet...but all of the others are in. I didn't think to look around to see if they are there somewhere...will check that next time. Predrywall was supposed to be Monday.... that's definitely not happening... still hoping for sometime next week though. Still hoping PM will give us an actual estimated date instead of early to mid September!

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  1. If we lived close enough, my husband would definitely hang out in your basement, especially during the football season, as it sound very similar to his dream basement too! :D