Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 32 - First floor almost framed!!!!

I can't believe how much they got done in a day!! The first floor is almost completely framed! Okay... completely excited again!!

 This was last night....
This was tonight!!!
And here come the pictures!!!
This is from the driveway.... my garage suddenly feels HUGE! We measured and they may have actually found those couple of inches... need to figure out how thick the garage door is and where it will come down for sure.. but walls make the entire house feel SOOOOOOO much bigger!!

This is looking into the mud room, and through that doorway is the laundry room and window, obviously.

This is coming in from the garage facing the family room. The cut out for the fireplace is in. We did not get the 4 foot bumpout. We kinda wish we would have now... but after living in this apartment... this house will feel like a mansion without it! :)

This is from the same spot facing into the morning room... check out that view!! so glad we got all of those windows!!

This is in the morning room. We got the French patio doors which will go out onto the deck.

This was taken from the morning room windows.  My kids love the pond already!

This is standing in the kitchen/morning room facing the pantry.

This is the dining room taken from the kitchen.

this is standing in the living room looking through the dining room. Again.. awesome view!!

This is the living room taken from the entry way. We did not do the optional windows in the living room. I'm glad now because it would have just given us a great view of the side of our neighbor's house.

This is taken from the front door looking at the coat closet.

 This is taken from the front door... this will be where the stair case goes.
This is back in the mudroom... there is a triangle of wasted space here... documenting this.. it will be a GREAT spot for built in shelves!

This is taken from the pond looking at the back of the house.

Another shot from the pond...different angle.

One more shot from the pond...
We were able to visualize and talk about where we wanted furniture... can't believe it's happening! Love it more each day we get closer!!
I also have TONS of pictures from the 2 Victoria Falls models in Indy. I will create a tab for those and get them uploaded soon!
Oh, almost forgot... we also scheduled our prewire meeting with Guardian for next Thursday... I'm guessing that means our pre-drywall meeting will be soon too! Is that AFTER the prewire meeting?
So.... we are so excited and hope to be moving in just in time to enjoy nice nights on the deck overlooking the pond at the end of summer!! Can't wait!!!! 



  1. Killer view!! It's going to be amazing and I hope the garage works out!

  2. Yes, your prewire meeting should take place just a little before your pre-drywall meeting. Looks like you'll be getting "real" walls soon!

    1. Can't wait for real walls... although I hear it makes everything feel smaller again.. it all just feels so big now... especially with no roof!! ha! :)

  3. Love, love, love the pond. You will have amazing views. We met w Guardian 6 days before our drywall meeting.

    1. Thanks!! Okay 6 days... Of course school starts 2 weeks from tomorrow so that should put us right in the middle of mandatory back to school meetings! of course! this may get tricky!

  4. All right, so you went Window-Crazy in the dining room, and morning room, and added the rear middle window for the family room.. Didn't do the 4 foot family room extension, but you did the extended mud/laundry room.. It is really funny when looking at one of these and knowing it is an identical replica of our house, slightly personalized by another owner, and being able to identify the choices just by looking at the pictures.

    Very much like dining room windows. We didn't do it as we like a little privacy, but by God it looks amazing! The fireplace for us was 5 thousand and the four foot extension was 6.5 thousand. We did the extension because that's one thing one can't do later, and the fireplace (that beautiful beautiful fireplace) was ridiculously expensive, and can done afterwards if we ever recover from the debt hole this house dug.. absolutely love how the family room turned out. So much space.. We added the side windows which are really really really nice, but look right into the morning room windows of the neighboring house (after extending the room), which is really really really not nice!

    OK, on to the laundry/mud room. It looks very nice, and you have the door in the middle which we really wanted but couldn't get RH to do when we selected the office. But still glad we got the office, and had RH turn the office into the laundry room by flipping the laundry hookups from the laundry room wall side to the other side into the office. Now the laundry room is huge, and the mudroom is free for a mud/closet system.

    I love love love love your lot! Ok, maybe that's too much love, but it looks like the back of the house slopes down beautifully to the pond. That view is to die for. Enjoy :)

    If you don't get rain, they should be able to finish framing in 3 more days at most. These framers are machine like!

    1. So... how is the home office bigger than the laundry? I didn't look closely at this but I guess I just figured the only difference was where they put the door. Do they cut into your family room? or into the garage to get more space? And I'm guessing that makes your mud room bigger too? We are planning to do built-in's too.. funny how we have the same house and different visions of areas!! We are excited about all of the windows. I don't think I'm going to put anything on all of these windows except maybe valances over time. Will probably only put blinds up in the bathroom and bedrooms. We are very excited about our lot... that was what sold us on building this. There was a short storm that came through yesterday afternoon, but they didn't work yesterday so I'm guessing no work today. Hoping for a closing date by Wednesday so we can tell the apartment office!!

  5. They cut into the garage to get the extra office space. Basically you lose the bump out by the garage door (just like you do with the extended laundry), but then they push the entire wall further into the garage. The length doesn't change, but the room width is 7'-8" (10'-7" length), and mud becomes larger as well - see Floor plans tab for pictures. Basically you can stack the appliances on the wall between mud and office instead of the wall against the family room. Best of luck with the closing date. It is within sight now.

  6. Wow can't believe they did all that in day!!! I should say I love the pond already like your kids! It's going to be amazing!!!!

  7. beautiful view. There is a mysterious area across from where our townhouse is going to be that is not filled in on the neighborhood schematics. We are hoping it is going to be something nice like a beautiful lake. SR reps said they have no idea what's going there.

  8. I'm already liking the rear view of the pond. Great view!