Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 38- Turned in notice to vacate

So... we are taking a HUGE leap of faith... we signed our notice to vacate today. This means we HAVE to be out in 60 days. The put almost all of the roof trusses up today. Basement and roof should be done by Monday. SURELY they can get this done in 60 days! My husband ran in to PM at the house this morning and showed him again several holes and gaps that need fixed. PM explained the plans to fix them all. Still no stairs to get upstairs yet, but my husband climbed the ladder. I can't wait to get up there!!!

We went through another Vic Falls down the street tonight. Their drywall is done and things look really good down there. Our realtor called today and he went and measured the garage yesterday and he agrees that he thinks the truck will fit. :) It's gonna be tight, but at minimum, in bad weather, we'll be able to get it in!!


  1. ooo... that's a huge thing. I completely understand but not everybody stumbles across issues. I wish you a safe sailing..... :-)

  2. Yay! We only have to give 30 days I am waiting another week, and there it is!

  3. 60 days hmmm?? Its gonna be close, but good call on not wasting rent money.

    When we were at our predrywall meeting we were told to go ahead and lock our rate, which you know means 60 days, we had gone over our 60 days by I think 2 days (NVR honored of course) so you will be close!! Here is crossing our fingers.

    Oh we have a huge 4 quad Dodge ram pick up truck with a slight lift and ours fits. :)