Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 47 - They DO work on Saturday! :)

We stopped last night to see all of the HVAC out of the garage and couldn't believe they had gotten it done... until we went to the basement... they had just moved it downstairs. But at least we knew they had been there. Yesterday the plumbing was started and we had red and blue tubing which is water into the house. So.. some work done... but didn't look like a lot.

I drove by this morning at 8:30 and was surprised to see the plumbers there today and early! So, we went back tonight and we were shocked to see  how much was done today...a Saturday!

Today's accomplishments:
Plumbing finished (or at least really close to it)
Water heater installed
Furnace installed
Gas lines to fireplace, stove, and outdoor grill installed
heating vents installed upstairs
tubs and showers installed

We also went into the Vic Falls down the street. They are set to close Aug 28th. and I was expecting them to be much further along than they are. Drywall is done, linoleum is in one bathroom and tile in the other. I would say a week or 2 ahead of us which puts us well within our deadline.

I guess the subcontractors work weekends since they are paid by the job and want to finish. The framers are paid by the hour, so they don't work weekends.... hoping for lots of subcontractors from here on out!

And there was another block party tonight over on another street. We didn't go this time, but just another example of how great this neighborhood is going to be!


  1. Good to know that you are feeling confident now!! :-)

  2. its amazing to see how fast these guys can work!