Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Update after meeting

We met with PM and SR today. We basically went over our preconstruction checklist today in detail since there were things we didn't go over the first time. I feel much better about that aspect of things and am again excited about the selections we have made. I like our SR and PM and I don't feel like they have intentionally done anything wrong, but I do feel like they have both been very busy and very rushed which caused our issues. We did go to the lot and we measured the garage. Through this process we found out that the dimensions on the floor plan are not the dimensions we should expect as usable space. So.... not only would our truck not fit even if it was built to these specs as usable space, but the actual interior to interior size of our garage is smaller. This leads us to believe that we were even less informed about the true size of our garage. So... we have asked to meet with the manager on Monday to see what they can do to compensate for this. It's too late to fix it without tearing things up and then I worry about being able to make the turn into the garage as well as having things be pieced together and not solid like it should be. I have some ideas in mind as far as compensation, I'm not sure what they'll offer.

So... if you are thinking about building with Ryan and you have a truck or SUV, you might want to double check some dimensions if parking in the garage is important to you. Come to find out the family who just closed last week has this exact same issue as well as 2 of our other neighbors, one of them that built with Ryan and closed last fall.

While we were at the lot we saw that lots of deliveries have been made... windows, stairs, and more lumber... PM said he would find out where we were on the list to see when we could expect to see some framing begin. We also noticed several lots that are Fischer lots are staked and being dug. Even saw another one whose basement was being poured. So, lots going on... hoping to have a good resolution on Monday.

Happy 4th of July long weekend to everyone! We will be going to the block party in the new neighborhood on Saturday! Looking forward to getting to know some more neighbors!


  1. I hope you get this worked out!!

  2. From what we have seen, they do try to work with you. It is a business but they want a happy customer at the end of the day. I am sorry your truck will not fit in the garage.. There are options to consider for parking. We have added a 20x20 hammer head extension to our driveway with RH to allow us to park vans and larger trucks. Granted it is external parking, but it is a huge space, larger than the garage, and allows to park vehicles fully out of the way.