Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 43 - Framing DONE! Windows and stairs in!

We went to the house tonight and it looks like a completely different house than it did last night both inside and out. All of the trash and mud is gone. Not sure how they cleaned all of that up, but they did. So, the framers are done. Insulation and HVAC will go in tomorrow. We have prewire meeting with Guardian tomorrow afternoon. AND the poles are now straight, as well as some holes they needed to fix. Feeling MUCH better about things today!!
Windows and front door are in!

 Framing between kitchen and morning room are in.
Finally, we get to peek upstairs.

The view from my son's room.

My daughter's room.

My son's room.

Kids' bathroom.

Guest room.

My closet!

Master Bathroom.

View from the master bathroom.

Those grand stairs!

French doors are in! GREAT breeze with all of these windows!!!
PM says we are still on schedule... hoping it stays that way! :)


  1. This is looking wonderful. Elevation E looks great. That is a beautiful and spacious walk in closet you got.. We lost that when it became a loft/way for bonus bedroom. But its presence in your pictures raises lots of what ifs!

    The French doors are really great as well. We lost those as well when we extended the family room, now we have a single little door instead.

    and you got those gran stairs too :) That was one of the toughest additions we did, because we added them after we signed, which means we paid full price and couldn't negotiate a penny.. When they installed them we were/still are wondering if the wood is not as fancy/thick as we saw at the model home.. of course it is all covered up and soon enough all will be known. It better be worth it! We are not doing carpet runner, are you?

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  2. AMAZING VIEWS!!! Everything looks great. With the windows and stairs etc, it feels like it's home (almost)...doesn't it!

    The morning room brings in so much light! And I love the french doors, we got them too! :-)

  3. Everything is looking fabulous!! I love transom over the french doors!