Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 45 - Shingles done HVAC didn't start

Roof looks great. We didn't get to take pictures tonight so I'll get some tomorrow. HVAC was supposed to go in today, but it didn't happen. We noticed LOTS of markings from what looks like an inspection and TONS of things to fix. So, we were disappointed to see this on one hand, but also glad on the other that they caught a lot of the framing issues we weren't too happy with.

We talked to a neighbor that is building a Vic Falls down the street. They are a few weeks ahead of us...although they have so much done! Flooring is going in tonight and they don't close until Aug 28th. I don't think there's anyway they are going to make the deadline. I emailed PM to see if he had any idea if it was still possible or not because if not, I have to start looking for a back up plan. We'll be homeless! :(

Update: PM emailed me within minutes of my email with several questions. He was very thorough with all of the information and says he still thinks we can make our deadline. :) I like positive thinking... still going to have a backup plan in mind... I was quite impressed that he emailed so quickly and thoroughly!  :)


  1. I hope they can make the deadline. You will be shocked how fast they can get people in there and get it done. It went from a frame to fully finished in weeks! If he isn't worried then I'm sure he can make it happen!

    1. That's very reassuring! Thank you!!! I am DYING to get out of this apartment!!!!!!!!

  2. That's very nice of your PM. And yes, if he is confident then I would be too! Hang in there, I'm sure you'll be in your house in no time! :-)