Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 37 - Starting to look like a house!

We can finally tell which elevation we are building! PM says it should be under roof by Monday at the latest. That kind of surprises me since it's only Wednesday... looks like there isn't that much more to do to be under roof.

We were supposed to do our prewire meeting tomorrow but PM said we need to push it back to at least Monday since they haven't started the basement yet. So our guardian guy wants us to wait until he touches base with PM to schedule our prewire meeting.  We still can't get upstairs yet. Can't wait to check it out!!!

Looks like rates dropped a little bit today... hope they keep going down!!!


  1. It sure do look like a house now. You'll be moving soon.

  2. Yay! We have your elevation with a 3 car side entry garage in our neighborhood. I will need to send you a pic!

  3.'s starting to look like a beautiful house! :-)
    We have a house with similar elevation right across the street from us. I'll try to take a pic when we visit next time!

  4. Thats a huge looking home! Definitely check out Elise's blog for pictures.