Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 34 - Sunday no work Day 35 - 2nd story added

I am amazed how fast they throw these stories up! Second story is almost done, I think. We can't get up there because there are no stairs yet.

Things look pretty good... we have a couple of holes in particle board that we are asking to be replaced. There looks like there is a couple inch gap between particle boards on the front of the garage. I'm guessing this is from them adding a couple of inches to the frame of the garage. So, we are asking how that will be filled in.

This is the back of the house....

This is one of the BEST parts of the house... MY walk-in closet. My husband gets his own smaller version on the opposite wall... :) I CANNOT wait for this closet.
So, our PM emailed me back last night and said that he feels fairly confident that he will be able to meet the deadline for us to be out of our apartment by the time our lease is up in September. He says there is about an 8-10 day cushion with that date so that should be fine if there are other delays, but of course, he can't be held liable if there are more delays than that....
So... we are debating whether or not to gamble and put in our notice to vacate.. we have to give 60 days notice which means we'd have to do this by Thursday or add another month to our lease... and we have NOWHERE to go if we have to be out of the apartment and the house doesn't close in time.... 
He also said we are on track to do our predrywall meeting on July 29th... which of course.. is the first day of school for both of us!! Hope he can meet in the evening!!!
We also noticed tonight that when it's hot and muggy the mosquitoes are REALLY bad!! And my son blows up like a balloon when he gets bit... so now I'm on the hunt for the best mosquito repellent I can find!!!


  1. Looking good! We had a few holes and such too, and my PM reassured me that he goes through and does a quality inspection before it can move forward and uses orange paint to mark everywhere that has to be fixed before proceeding. So keep watch for that orange paint. The house goes through so many inspections it's ridiculous, I didn't know how many things had to pass to go to the next phase! and once the roof is on your date shouldn't change! We were given a final closing date at our pre-drywall meeting and it was 45 days later. So, I'd give your notice if you feel comfortable! They are experts at getting these things done on time. At least around here.

  2. Good luck with the completion date. We blew past the closing date and the 'cushion' and pushing 3 weeks late at this point. I hope you have better luck with this one.

  3. Like you know we blew past all our cushion too! I completely understand your situation. Like Ella, I hope you have better luck with your dates. All the best!

  4. We're wondering at what point to give our notice as well. We have to deal with getting a VA appraisal and have heared our region takes as much time as they're allowed to do so. Do you know when your first mortgage payment is due? Our SR told us it would be about a month and a half from when we move in to when we'd get our bill. That may help in case you have to extend your current lease another month.

  5. I loved the framing, it goes up so fast and then it looks like a house. As for giving notice you might want a buffer, even if they get done on time it gives you a chance to move your stuff at your pace not some crazy frantic one. With that being said we had our pre drywall meeting and were told we would be done in 39 days but our PM has been rocking. It seems different for all the regions. If you do give notice you can always stay at a hotel for a few days if they miss the time frame.