Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 52 - What are the 3 black x's?

It's back to school week... so not much time to blog this week. I have tons of pictures to upload, but it's just plumbing and some electrical... not too exciting.

So, our plumbing looks to be complete. Guardian prewiring is done. Electrical looks to be done on the main and 2nd floor. Still need to do the basement. Our basement windows went in this week too. Lots of drywall "fixes" were done this week. We have predrywall meeting Monday afternoon after the inspection. They have not done insulation yet, so I'm guessing they will work the weekend to do that.

We did notice that the PM put 3 black x's in several places on the framing. We figured this was to tag it to be fixed for some reason. Some were obvious, such as split wood, but some were not. We noticed today that had been "fixed" by adding a partial 2 x 4. It's not even the full length of the wood and some of them are just blocks of wood... anyone know what this is all about?

The house is a mess again... but I've heard it's this way until drywall is done. So, that should happen next week.

We will get a closing date on Monday. Trying not to stress about it... and trying not to stress about the interest rates... but they've been climbing again this week! :( Ugh!

Several houses are going up (quickly) around us... seems like they are going up much quicker than ours! Hmmm... but on a positive note, my brother's house has been dug, basement walls are poured and waterproofed too. They are a different builder  but same neighborhood!


  1. You should ask your PM what he is intending on them doing in those spots. I noticed during our build that the X's meant different things. I began to notice a pattern that appeared for them to remedy a problem. For instance, I noticed that when the drywall was installed there were huge patches of glue on the floor and he would mark the spots. One day I went in myself and followed suit for the spots he missed. Other times, the X's indicated for something to be installed in that location especially with the electrical outlets.

  2. I agree with what RickandNadase had mentioned. Just coming out of framing phase, we had lot of X's and they were different things and our PM had made a note for each. 2x4 were put in place in some areas. Your PM would explain it better!

  3. Our PM used orange paint, Guardian used black. It seems that everyone had different codes. Glad things are moving along.