Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 31- Framing has started!!!

The framers were there early this morning and were still working when I went by around 4:00. We went back at 8:30 to check things out after they were gone. There is floorboard on the entire first floor so we can't see into the basement and I have no idea how they do these things.. looks like the laid frame boards around the edges of the entire house and put the floor boards down... Of course with the I beams in and other boards I'm sure (have I mentioned I have no idea how they do all of this).

I know a lot of people have said things seem small at different stages of the build... and things just seem small... it's just so hard to imagine all of this as a house.. can't wait to see what they get done tomorrow. We are supposed to have great weather for the next 4 or 5 days, so I'm hoping they'll get it all under roof by the time rain moves in again next week.

We also received our notice from our apartment office that we have to put in our 60 day notice to vacate by the end of next week.  So, so, so glad to be seeing apartment living coming to a close! So.. we will touch base with PM probably Monday or Tuesday to make sure we are on schedule for early to mid September!

Starting to get excited again! No pictures this time... We took a couple, but school starts in a few weeks and I had to be back at work starting yesterday... and, well... I'm just too tired to go get my phone and mess with posting them... will post more tomorrow!!

Hoping to catch up on everyone else's blogs tomorrow night!!


  1. I can't wait for apartment life to be over too! Very soon and we will both be in our beautiful new homes!

  2. Good deal. Hopefully they'll get the major part done while the good weather lasts. Can't wait to see some pictures....

    I'm excited for our apartment life coming to an end too, but there are times when I have second thoughts about it. I believe I'm gonna miss our apartment! :-|

  3. They can frame I am the rain so unless you have inspection problems you should be right on track.

    1. In the rain, Urgh auto correct on my phone.