Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 25 -Framing is scheduled

We received an email this morning from PM that our framing is scheduled to start next Wednesday. We are moving forward with things so far. We have a meeting Monday with the sales manager and our realtor to try to come to a resolution on the garage issue. In the meantime.... I'm shopping! I ordered bedding for my 6 year old's room and am just waiting for it to arrive.

I'm on the hunt for bedding for my 11 year old son. He wants either an orange bedroom or black and red which is his school and swim team colors.... So we are going to go shopping tonight and see what we can find.

I'm also looking for a new knife set and will be looking at rugs for kitchen and bathrooms. Although I will probably wait for the rugs until we get in. I'm also looking to find some dresser drawer pulls to change out the ones on my son's dressers. They are very old and coming off! So... this might be a good project to give me something to do while we wait for things to be figured out and framing to begin!

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