Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 42 - Um aren't those poles supposed to be straight?

We haven't been in the house since Friday. No work happened over the weekend. We finally went in tonight and the stairs were in to the basement so I got my first look down there. Things look good down there except 3 out of our 4 support poles are extremely angled!!!!

Is this fixable??????????
We are also disappointed in the quality of the framing. There are several split boards that have split when they nailed them in. Lots of boards that are not flush and several crooked boards. What does it take to pass framing inspection???? We were told they waited an extra couple of days to get this "experienced" crew... I can't imagine what it would look like if they were inexperienced. So frustrating... we are calling PM in the morning.
The house looks so dirty and mucky. We've had heavy rain come through the last couple of days and there is just dirt and mud everywhere.
We are completely under roof and the windows are supposed to go in tomorrow and HVAC on Wednesday. We are supposed to do prewire meeting on Wednesday. I have a feeling that will be postponed, again. :(
I'm really not a negative Nancy.... it's just been a frustrating experience... and if anyone tells me I shouldn't expect good quality because it's not a custom home, I will SCREAM!!!!


  1. They should definitely be straight. I don't see how this can even pass inspection. I think they will correct it before the city inspection. It's very frustrating to see things like this happening to your own house. The only thing you can do is bring it up with your PM and get your own inspector (Pre-Drywall).

  2. yep, that would be frustrating and unacceptable. Definitely make mention of it and if it concerns you too much, get an inspector for sure!

  3. I agree with Cloud. I'm positive that it is fixable because I don't think it will pass inspection in the present condition. I'm pretty sure your PM will understand this, so talk to him, bring this to his attention.

  4. Yeah, those don't look right.. take a level and put it on the support pole and see what you get. From what I have seen, everything is fixable and the machine marches on, but this one perhaps tops the most disturbing list.

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  5. Ours were like that as well. Once they actually attached them to the ceiling and pour the cement on the floor they were straight. Just mention it to them so they know you noticed but it is totally fixable I was told it was the weight from the other floors that moves them before they are secured in place.

  6. Thanks guys! We went back tonight and the poles are not straight! Things look so much better tonight!