Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Service Requests

I have not posted in a long time, and still need to get pictures posted!  But... I wanted to post a quick update about Service Requests.  The first one we had was due to our furnace leaking and we had puddled water in the basement. Not a huge amount, but enough to know something was not right.  We put in a request and the HVAC guy was sent out within a day or two.  It was quick and easy. (Although, I am still perplexed as to why our brand new furnace in brand new home would leak!)

Our second request has not been good.  We had A LOT of rain here the Saturday before Christmas.  While it was raining, we noticed a leak above the master bathroom tub.  It was leaking from the recessed light. It was not a steady pour, but a pretty steady drip.  It stopped dripping not long after it stopped raining.  I put in a request that night, as soon as we noticed it. We received an email Monday afternoon from our Customer Service Manager that he had sent info to a roofing contractor. I know it was the holidays, but we did not hear from the roofing contractor until 8 days later. He called yesterday, said he'd be here at noon today. We waited and waited.  I sent an email again to our CSM just now and the contractor just showed up!

We have snow coming tonight.  My son has a big swim meet this weekend. We are getting more snow Sunday and are supposed to be headed back to work on Monday. I just hope they can get this fixed today!

Oh, and to follow up on the garage, my CSR told me her manager would be in touch to follow up on the garage/driveway issue.  That never happened. :(

Still love my house. Still hate the garage.  Hope this isn't just the beginning of many issues to come!