Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 61 - Siding DONE! Drywall almost done!

I am amazed how quickly things have moved! Our siding is complete except for a few pieces of trim. Stone has been delivered. Can't wait to see it up! We have garage doors. Drywall with tap and mud is done except for the morning room. They didn't get all of the drywall up there. I think they ran out of drywall boards!! Gas meter is in. Things look great. We measured windows tonight to get an idea on cost of blinds. I think we are doing faux wood blinds from Home Depot for the bedrooms, bathroom, laundry room, and garage. 

I have not added pictures in a LONG time.. so here are some....

This is under the morning room. We are going to mount a projector in the ceiling so we did the surround sound speakers. I think my husband was drooling at this point....
We have 2 of these in our basement. They are now open, plugged in and running. Do we get to keep these?????

This was last week! House looks completely different tonight... and I didn't get pics!

Siding going up. This was yesterday. It's done today except for some trim.

Almond garage doors

Family room

Man Cave

More of the Man Cave

Master Bedroom which feels HUMONGOUS after living in this teeny apartment.
The Garage...we measured.... we think the truck will fit with 3 inches to spare... Whew! That's close!

Standing in the mudroom, looking through to the laundry room.

From the kitchen into the morning room.... only room not drywalled.


From the morning room looking into the kitchen.

Dining room.

Living room windows.



Storage part of the basement. So far no cracks or water.

MY closet. Still can't wait for this!

Master Bath... small tub... but won't get used much anyway.

Master shower. We didn't upgrade anything in the master bath. I think I can live with this... seems like a decent sized shower.

Guest room.

Kids' bathroom.

My son's room.

My daughter's room.

Window wells are filled.

Another shot of the laundry room.
Our final walkthrough is Sept 11th. That's one month from tomorrow! We close MONDAY (yes a Monday) September 16th. Ticker has been updated. We have to be out of the apartment on the 18th. PM says this date still gives him a few days of cushion, but he says we should be good... but of course no guarantees.  We got our letter from NVR asking for several updated documents. Those are all due Monday! Really starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel!


  1. It's so close! Hopefully this next month flies by for you! The shot into the morning/sunroom is awesome. We have a very similar window setup for ours & I have yet to meet a single person who doesn't absolutely love it. Did you find out what the black X's were for?

  2. That is awesome, that is only a month away. This will fly by. Once they started the drywall all those choices you made at the beginning come to life.

  3. have been holding up on us with the pics!
    There is so much progress! Its shaping up to be a gorgeous home.
    My husband would die for a man cave like that! :D

  4. PM said the black x's meant something on them needed to be fixed...either twisted or nailed, etc.... they've all been fixed though!