Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 63 - Mud and Christmas

The outside is just about done..... waiting for stone!
Then we opened the garage door and it was like Christmas.........

Cabinets, doors, bathroom sinks/countertops, handrails, etc.... none of the boxes were open so I didn't get a sneak peak at them yet!!!
And then we went in to see almost everything is taped and mudded. The morning room is drywalled..... but not taped or mudded yet.
Laundry and mud room

Standing in the upstairs hallway looking towards the front of the house.
Standing in the kitchen looking at the morning room.

Standing in the morning room looking at the kitchen.

Lots of can lights in the kitchen!

From the living room looking towards the front door.

Lots of can lights in the basement too!

Man Cave!

From the front door.

Speakers for the projector screen!
We also submitted all of our paperwork for NVR. The lady in change of this part of the process has been great so far.... she gets back with me very quickly... the other person that I have work with to lock my rate...not so great.  Really, really hoping the rates gets closer to 4 or below to lock very soon!  Tons of houses going up like crazy around us. The other Vic Falls down the street already has landscaping and sod! They close 3 weeks before us... can't believe we'll be that far very soon!!


  1. I loved getting my goodies. Your house will really start to look like yours soon. All those choices you made will come to life.

  2. oooo Goodies!!! Can't wait to see them inside the house...
    Love that huge foyer area...I'm a big fan of Victoria Falls model! Its a huge house.

  3. Goodies are the best part! Get ready for fun!