Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day 67 - Mailbox and garage door opener

I have heard people say that things seem to crawl once the walls are up because there are so many little things they do that you don't notice.  We now have a mailbox that neither of us even noticed until we were walking back to the car. My 7 year old pointed it out. She also was the one to point out the garage door opener and  keypad that have been installed.  We also noticed they remudded the morning room. They were supposed to start stone, but they have not shown up yet. Hoping that starts soon. They also installed the linoleum in the upstairs bathrooms.  One of my friends walked through the house with us today and thought it was ceramic tile. :) Nope, just vinyl!

We are supposedly still on schedule. I keep looking at other people's timelines and there are tons of people with more to do than us with less time until closing and it's been done. I'm trying to figure out when we are safe to schedule movers.

I'm also a bit peeved about NVR's lack of communication. I asked for rates all week and go not response. Now the rates have jumped back up over 4.5! I hope they drop again next week so we can lock! I really think they ought to let you do 120 day locks when you sign. How in the world are people supposed to plan financially when the rates jump an entire percent and add hundreds of dollars to your house payment? So frustrating!!! 

We also peeked at the cabinets! I couldn't wait any longer.


  1. I really like your mailbox, it is really the only thing I want to change on our house so far. Once the cabinets go in it will really feel like your house and all those choices you made come to life.

  2. Things get to tiny details that slip past us. It feels like they aren't doing anything...unless you start noticing the minor things! But I'm a little worried too...feels like there is so much to be done in so little time. I'm counting on our PM.

    Once the cabinets are in...the house comes to life! Can't wait to see some more pictures!!