Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 56 - PreDrywall Meeting

We met at the house today and I was shocked to see the insulation was pretty much done. They did it all in one day. They also finished the shingles on the porch. Inspection is tomorrow. Once that inspection is complete, PM will call me with a closing date. He said Sept 13 or 16th he thinks, but wants to make sure he gets through the inspection. They will start drywall on Wednesday. So... if that's the case we are truly 39 days away! That just sounds so much better than 45! Still a week later than we originally thought, but not bad at all.... now for interest rates to drop and get locked!


  1. Sep 16th is just around the corner, just one more month and you are there. Good to know things are moving along pretty quickly.

  2. That's way better than our timeline. 38 days will fly by.... :-)

  3. wow, that must be great news! We're still a week or two away from our pre-drywall meeting. They told us we'd be cleared to lock once the drywall starts to be hung. Also hoping for rates to drop too