Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 66 - walls are primed. Ceilings are painted

I'm so glad we did a paint package. It really looks much better with some color on those walls even if it is just primer right now! Painting is supposed to happen this weekend. We think masons are working tomorrow and through the weekend. Then cabinets go in the beginning of next week. Things look good in many places. We are kind of surprised at how messy they are. I guess they are because they can be, but wow it's a hot mess. Lots of paint drips, runs, cracks, nailpunches, etc.  Not to mention they had run out of drywall so the morning room didn't get drywalled with the rest of the house. PM said they'd get it done and they did, but they mudded it late so they painted over wet mud which just looks like garbage. I'm sure it will look good when it's done so I'm not freaking out, yet. We close one month from tomorrow!!! (Still crossing my fingers that we get to close on Friday the 13th instead of Monday the 16th, but I'm not holding my breath!)


  1. oh nice! You are moving along....I know that was the messiest part for us too...they really kick in high gear after the walls are done. :-)

  2. Don't mind the mess, they will make it look really clean once everything is done.