Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stealing a post from S and P!

I keep going to search for this so I'm just copying and pasting.... :) According to this my hardwoods are next!!!
Construction Process Roadmap
This is the list our PM handed out to us in the pre construction meeting saying that this will help us know the order in which things will be happening.....
Pre Construction Meeting
  1. Excavate home site if necessary 
  2. Crawl foundation
  3. Pour footer
  4. Lay block foundation
  5. Gravel to garage and inside crawl space
  6. Pour garage concrete
  7. Lumber delivery
  8. Framing (typically takes a week)
  9. Install roof
  10. HVAC rough-in
  11. Plumbing rough-in
  12. Electrical rough-in
  13. Interactive rough-in 
  14. Pre drywall meeting
  15. Insulate the home
  16. Drywall (typically takes a week)
  17. Flooring (Hardwood, ceramic, vinyl)
  18. Trim and Cabinets
  19. Paint first coat
  20. HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Interactive Trim outs
  21. Carpet
  22. Final paint
  23. New Home Orientation
  24. Closing
For Slab Foundation, replace steps 3-8 with:
  • Slab Foundation
  • Box slab and fill with gravel
  • Run under slab plumbing
  • Pour concrete slab
  1. Brick 
  2. Siding
  3. Dig utility ditches
  4. Rough Grade on yard
  5. Gas line ran to the home
  6. Driveway, lead walk, and sidewalk poured
  7. Final Grade on yard
  8. Sod/seed and straw
  9. Mailbox


  1. We are still on # 9, when do we get to 24? I might have to steal this from you too Kimberly!

  2. These are great lists. They are plentiful on the blog. Good to see you have a nice list to work with. You may want to visit Thomas's blog. He was absolutely thorough on TIPS for new builders.

  3. LOL!!!

    Just FYI....It may change a little, if you see my timeline, I've made changes as and when things were actually happening...For example, my PM said they do Ceramic tile first, and hardwood will go with carpet.

  4. This is a nice estimate but some PMs do things in a different order(for example when the trades people are available or when the shipment comes in.) your pm should be able to give you his schedule of events. Don't be upset if they don't do things in this order.