Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 70 - Stonework started, trim carpenters no-show AGAIN

They put up the concrete where the stone goes. Guessing they will be back tomorrow to start the actual stone. PM confirmed that the trim/cabinet carpenters no-showed the last few days.  So, on to plan B..... although we have no idea what plan B is.  I'm starting to get tired of going to the house every night.  Maybe it's a good thing that I have late meetings for work the next 3 nights and won't be able to go! So, no idea if we are still on schedule. Won't know that until PM finds a new trim carpenter... so my cabinets sit in boxes in the garage... still.


  1. that's so frustrating!! hope he gets someone lined up soon.

  2. Hope his "plan B" works out better! I know how you feel...I've stopped going every day...I'm going every week instead, and I'm better off that way. So I guess its good that you'll be busy for awhile!

  3. I go once a week and I always see huge progress. I dont live very close or I might have been a home stalker. Hopefully you will stay on track.