Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 64 - need advice on cracks for my brother

My brother is building with Fischer Homes in the same neighborhood. They just poured his garage floors and basement floors in the last couple of days. He has a crack from corner to corner in the garage and a crack in the basement floor too.  PM pretty much says there is no need to fix it. We've been lucky with no cracks, so I don't know what to tell him...... What would you do?

We stopped by our house tonight and at first I didn't think they'd done anything and then I noticed there was water around the edges of all the rooms.... looks like they mopped or something. It's a lot cleaner than last night. And then I looked up and noticed they had textured all of the ceilings! They still haven't even opened the cabinet boxes and I want to peek so bad! We should get our weekly call tomorrow. Anxious to hear what's next!


  1. I'd have your brother kindly ask that it get fixed again. If he gets the same answer, he could try going through his sales person. I'd be worried about the crack growing, so it may not be a concern now, but who knows 5-10 years from now. He could also get an independent inspector in at some point so it will be documented in that inspector's report. This may help later on if Fischer doesn't address it and will need to later on down the road.

    1. That's exactly what I'd suggest!
      I mean cracks may not hurt now...but they definitely can't be "good". I'd pay for an inspector to come look at it, if the builder isn't fixing it.