Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 76 - Doors and Window Trim

They worked today and got most of the doors upstairs put in along with almost all of the window trim.  I was excited when we pulled up to see most of the boxes no longer in the garage... I was hoping that meant they were installing cabinets... but they weren't. They moved them inside to make some space to work in the garage. Some were out of boxes though! They said they'd be done in another day or two... not sure what's next.... plumbing and electrical maybe? We noticed more dirt dumped in the backyard. I'm guessing they are getting ready for final grading.
Some of the cabinets out of the boxes... hoping these are installed tomorrow!

Window trim... we talked to the trim carpenters while we were there and they said it's taking them a bit longer than usual because Ryan is one of the only production home builders that does window trim. 

More Window trim.

Standing in the living room, looking into the dining room.

Standing in the living room, looking towards the entry way.

Looking at my husband's closet.

MY closet!

Master bathroom. Vanity and sink are in!

French doors to the master bathroom are in.

French doors to the Master bedroom are in too.

Kids' bathroom. Vanity and sink are in.  We didn't spend the money to upgrade to a double bowl.  I wanted it to be a single vanity, but didn't think it was going to be... so this was a nice little surprise.  I'm planning to get a little stool so that my daughter can sit there and fix her hair (and makeup when she's older).

My son's room.. window trim and closet door.

My daughter's room.. closet and bedroom door in.

Standing at the top of the stairs.  Still need to put the door on the kids' bathroom. Still need the door on the linen closet in the master and the door to the toilet space in the master too. Then upstairs will be done except for carpet trim.
So... I'm not seeing many updates on the other blogs... I think it's because most of you are already DONE! So... if you are a new blogger, please leave your link so I can follow you!


  1. I'm still here, waiting to close, but our house was done in Friday, so that must be one of my last posts until we close.
    I love the address in the stone, very nice detail. Once they install the rest of your cabinets it will really start to look like your house.
    The window trim RH does really makes the windows pop.

  2. Nice nice! Everything is falling in place. I'm still here, you can follow me too. Http://

    Did you say you we're pleasantly surprised by the double bowl vanity in the kid's bathroom?

  3. no surprised by the single cabinet. I knew it would be single bowl, but thought it would be double cabinet. I just found your blog again Happyme! I need to join it!

  4. Your house is coming along , cant wait to see it finished !! FYI .. maybe its different in different state and regions, but we built the vic falls and we had the PM check and it was a full cabinet that they put in the hallway bathroom. They wanted to put a small one in like yours, but when they double checked the blue prints, it calls for a large one , even with just one sink !!!

  5. Hey Kimberly, everything is coming along nicely.

    I'm still here... but I have been slacking on the blog updates a little bit. But I have few hings to'll definitely see one from me, soon. :-)

  6. I'm also building a Vic falls. My blog is Your house is looking great! You're almost there! I've enjoyed seeing your progress!

  7. Hi! French doors to the master bedroom... wow, how luxurious! And bronze finish looks beautiful against the white. If you want you can follow us at We do not have many updates at the time but some are soon to come!

  8. Thanks for all of the comments! I will be following you all!!

  9. I just caught up on your blog! Everything looks great. I LOVE the stone you picked! Here is the link to my blog, we should start framing soon :)