Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 71 - stone...still no trim carpenters

Our stone is going up and it looks really good! Still a no-show on the trim/cabinet carpenters.  PM says everyone in the office is working to get another crew to the house. Trying not to stress. We have our weekly update tomorrow...hoping to have some progress by then.

Not sure what the big pile of dirt is for...that's new.



  1. HI Kimberly, I love the combination! It's beautiful and warm and inviting! Great color choice!

  2. Hey I love the stone and the combination with siding. I guess that dirt is for grading your lot!
    Hope they'll figure our and get the other crew in quickly. Our PM had got another crew for us too.

  3. Looks great! The dirt is probably for final grading.