Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 81 - Hardwoods and LOTS more!

Our driveway, porch, and sidewalks were poured yesterday.  We drove by but didn't go in since they were working late last night. We could see the ladders in the entry way so we figured they were painting.  We did go in today and painting is done and looks great!  Towel bars, toilet paper holders, and shower door are all installed.  Shelving in the closets is in.  Carpet has been delivered and is in the garage. Oh... and of course... the hardwood is in! It looks great!!! 

The cabinet over the refrigerator seems really low.... hope our fridge fits!

waiting on venting for the microwave I guess?

This skinny cabinet goes above the microwave. It's not deep AT ALL... maybe good for spices if I can reach them?

Powder room

Peek at the floors!

Master closet! :)

Master closet again. Can you tell I'm excited about this?

Master bathroom shower door.

Master bath again.


Handrails are in... they are loose. Hope they tighten them up!


Kids' bathroom.

Linen closet

Kitchen Pantry!

Wiring is ready for the TV

carpet and pad waiting to be installed.

Another peek at the floor

Not crazy about the way the concrete and the curb meet. Cracks there.. hope they fix this.
So...what's left...
Install carpet, granite, toilets and pedestal sink, faucets, door knobs, porch pillars, sod and seed, deck, last row of siding, finish the island and a couple of cabinets, molding on the cabinets, finish installing the metal rods on the stair case, install the handrail and trim to the basement, install the rails at the bottom of the basement stairs,... .what am I forgetting? I think that's it. There will be plenty of touch up paint to be done, but overall it looks great! So very glad we chose a paint color instead of leaving it white. It already makes it feel cozy!


  1. Floors look great! We are using the cabinet above the microwave for beer glasses ;-)

  2. Don't hope they fix it. If it isn't fixed at your pre settlement walk through tell them it needs to done. More than likely I will all be taken care of but don't settle. House looks great.

  3. Love your floors! And the exterior is looking great too!its getting close!