Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 8 - Working on patience

We've had no activity since Friday at the lot... :( Although I know sometimes it sits for 4 days (today would be 4 days) before they actually pour the walls, I keep hoping SOMETHING will be happening! There are 2 Victoria Falls models about 45 minutes from us and we visited them both yesterday. I took TONS of pictures but can't get them off of my camera! Grrr..... It was great to go in them now that we have selected everything and actually think about where things will go and what we need.

I am a little concerned that there is another house in the process of being built on our street. It has been sitting with lumber and no activity for weeks. I'm hoping that house is either a spec or there's a reason why it's just sitting.... Trying to stay positive!!


  1. Hey Kimberly! I know how that feels, No activity even for a day makes me restless! Did you check with your SR or PM? Are they giving you any weekly updates? Our house was delayed a week or two as the crew was finishing up with another house...it can be some scheduling issues, nothing major. Try not to worry...

  2. We've asked for weekly updates, but haven't heard a thing since our preconstruction meeting. Our PM basically said that the construction business has taken off and they have been scrambling to get crews... He warned us there would be some times where it might sit for a few days either waiting on inspections or waiting for a crew to finish another job.... I know he's busy, I see him all over the neighborhood. I guess I'm just not sure at what point we should start bugging him.

    1. I think he should still be calling you, regardless of whether there is anything new happening. I would ask him to start calling you at least once a week to let you know where you stand on everything.

  3. Hang in there and contact your PM if you have any questions! That is his job, to inform you and this is your house so you can ask whatever you want :-) Good luck!