Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 3 - Footers are poured!

We had rain last night and this  morning so we were shocked when we heard they were working this morning! Excited to see progress moving along!! 

We are also staring to shop around for rates. I've emailed our LO at NVR yesterday and asked her redo the Good Faith Estimate to change our down payment. I haven't heard back from her yet... interested to see how quickly she responds. I emailed the lending agent who did our last 2 loans tonight to see what they could do for us.... I'm betting he responds quicker than NVR does. For those of you who didn't go with NVR, did you lose your incentives?? Any tips I should know about this?


  1. Just found your blog!! Welcome Welcome to the RH blog Land!!

    It is a pleasure to follow your journey. We built a Rome and closed in January and we love it.

    It would be nice to see how your shopping goes--it is definitely worth shopping around

  2. yes you will lose your incentive but they charge higher closing fees. Their origination fee is $1800, they had an electronic storage fee of $65, there are a lot of weird extra charges in there. We are going with a lender that has no origination fee, or other random fees and our payment will be less than it would have been with NVR. Our closing costs were going to be about $8000 with NVR but would have had a $4000 credit, our closing costs with a different bank will be about $4000 but our rate is lower and our monthly payment is lower. So the bottom line at closing is the same but the rest is less.

  3. Thanks for the info! And I was right... heard back quickly from the other lender... still no response from NVR at all about my request to refigure the GFE that I submitted 2 days ago...

  4. We had very bad luck with NVRM. They flat out said they couldn't match the rate we got with Third Federal Bank, and did not offer any incentives if we signed with them besides a lousy $1,400 off transfer tax.. I would consider NVRM last. Everything I have read doesn't make me trusting of this business..

  5. NVR is giving us a $5000 incentive... my realtor thinks he may be able to find a way for us to keep it if we go with another lender... waiting to hear back from him now.