Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 10 - Basement window openings, walls, and basement plumbing in!

So, I was really surprised to see the forms gone the day after they were poured and the window openings were put in also. I was surprised at how big the windows are... I think I had in mind the little tiny windows... we have window wells and everything!  The plumbing is in for the water softener rough in and water heater I believe. 
I finally heard from the PM today (after I emailed him this morning and asked for an update). He said our basement plumbing inspection is today and they will be pouring our garage and basement floors either tomorrow or Monday. He said our wood will be delivered after that, probably sometime next week. He did warn us that the framers are 7-10 days behind though.. so it may sit idle after the floors are poured for awhile. This may not be too bad as we will be out of town part of the week next week so we won't have time to get frustrated with no activity.
 This is taken front the driveway looking towards the garage.
 This is opposite the driveway. You can see the basement plumbing.
 This pipe went up over the basement wall and just hangs out the back. I'm guessing this will be buried and attached to something????
These are the openings for the basement windows... much bigger than I thought they'd be!!
We also spent the day at the community pool today. Met more neighbors and hung out with my best friend who already lives in the neighborhood. This is going to be an awesome place for our family! We've been invited to the 4th of July block party and the Haunted Hay Ride in October! I love this place and can't wait to get in there!!!!


  1. Your best friend already lives there! That is so kool! I should say I was always worried about how our neighbors would be, you know as this could be a forever house! I'm so glad I like my neighbors too.

    Looks like you'll have a wonderful basement, with loads of natural light!:-)

  2. that looks fantastic!! Jealous of your basement! We don't have one :(

  3. Looking good, I would love to have a basement!

  4. Very awesome to see! We're about a week behind you guys - just dug this past Friday and supposed to pour footers on Monday. We're now following you guys to keep us up to date on what might be coming next for us as well as to celebrate along the way with you! :)

    Check our blog out at if you're interested.

  5. Thanks for posting...I see you have locked in already.... Did you have to pay to lock in so early???? It will be great to compare progress!!

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  7. The construction of your house seems to be progressing very well. I’m happy for you guys. You’re right. Those basement windows do look bigger than most basement windows I’ve seen, but I think they'll do you good. It’s going to provide better ventilation inside so as to prevent a damp basement, which can affect your heater or cause any unwanted basement mold growth.

    Jeannie Griffith

  8. So how does your new home look now? It must have been a lot of work fitting those openings for the windows. What kind of window did you get for your basement? If it’s still not done, might I suggest frosted windows? I think they’d look great.

    Greg Arnett