Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 16 - Basement Floor and Garage Floor are Poured

Garage and basement floors were poured today. Workers were there finishing up when we stopped by. We also got our weekly call from SR and PM. Lumber will be delivered tomorrow, but will not start framing until possibly into next week sometime. Looks like things will sit idle now.

I now have 2 different people sending me GFE's both from NVR. Not sure why...but I'm at least getting pretty quick responses now. Still praying rates will drop when we lock in a few weeks...not holding my breathe, but isn't doing me any good to worry about it I guess!

We had a great time on our short family vacation. We went to Holiday World and my feet and legs are SORE from walking through the water park all day long!!

I will head back to the lot for more pictures later today or tomorrow. They have started to backfill, so I'm guessing they will finish that soon.

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  1. Hey Kimberly, Sounds like you had a fun vacation!! :-)

    Good to know that the things are moving. Two NVR people?!Interesting!! Yeah, I know how helpless I felt about about climbing rates. I did what fellow bloggers suggested, I really stopped looking around! I would check the news etc about the rates but we did not shop around until we came into the 60-day period.

    I know that's hard to do. But try that as you'll have to worry about them in 4-5 weeks anyways, why start now?!