Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 19 - Lumber and bathtubs

Lumber was delivered yesterday. There isn't a lot of room for them work with the lumber laying on the lot. Hoping it's not killing the neighbor's grass!!

 These are our bathtubs and showers. (And our truck that won't it in our garage. :( )
These were delivered on Thursday. They seem so small.....
This is a view of the garage floor. There is another lot in the distance that was just cleared and dug for another Ryan. We think it is a Vic Falls too. Curious to see which elevation and colors.
This is a shot of our basement. It rained the night after they poured the floors. I was a little worried about the wet concrete getting rained on, but a friend who works in construction assured me it would actually cure slower which would make it stronger. :)
Our lot was also graded. I'm guessing this isn't the final grade, but there were huge piles of dirt here before. This is a shot from the back yard.
Garage Update: We have heard from our PM that there is nothing they can do to make our garage bigger. The SR called today and asked what we thought about making it a front load 2-car but it would be extra deep. Um, no thank you.... that's not what we want. Plus I'm guessing that would mean that they would have to redraw the print, get re-approval from the county, and push our completion date back even more!!! She said she would talk to management about this issue on Monday, but there's no way they can fix this now.  This is still so disappointing to us. One of the reasons we sold our last house was because we had a 3 car garage and one bay was only about half the size of a typical bay because of stairs to the playroom. My husband was really wanting a true 3 car garage. Now we are worse off only being able to park one of our vehicles in the garage. I asked the SR if there was anything they could do financially since they can't fix this from a construction standpoint. I haven't had much luck with them "negotiating" anything so far, so we'll see. Sadly, if we had known we couldn't park both cars in the garage, we never would have built this house. This on top of climbing mortgage rates that are going to make us house poor and we aren't getting what we thought we were getting. I explained to the SR today that we felt things have been so rushed through the process and corners were being cut. :(  Finding it hard to get excited now.


  1. I know it sucks but it wouldn't be hard for them to reframe to a front entry 2 car. I would do that and negotiate the cost of the 3 car side entry price down do to less material costs

    1. That probably sounds reasonable, but we're just not interested in that. We could probably buy or build a house with a 2 car garage for a LOT less than this house with a 2 ft extension. We've moved several times and had agreed that we would never move again unless we could build what we wanted. I just am afraid we will not be happy with this house now and will want to move, again, as soon as we would not lose money on the deal...which would probably be several years, so we'd be stuck. :(

  2. I would push the matter, tell them you are ready to walk away from it. That worked for us when I wanted a change after they had broken ground. We were ready to go to another builder if they had called our bluff. I called corporate and spoke to my SR's manager. We had a few issues with communication that helped my case too.

    1. Did they fix what you wanted or did they give you a credit? I'm about ready to walk and have been online looking at other builders in the area today.