Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 14 - nothing, except an NVR gripe

PM said they would be pouring our basement floor and garage floor today or last Friday. It didn't happen either day.... not that it's a big rush since the framers are a week behind... grrrrr....

So.. I emailed our LO over a week ago asking for an updated GFE with our updated down payment... no response... nada... however, I did get an updated GFE today for an additional $100 fee that a new law now requires but not with our updated down payment information. And it was sent from a different LO... So.... they'll send me an updated GFE to add their fee.. . but not when I ask for it! Grrrr....

Heading out for a short vacation with the family in the morning...hoping when we come back Wednesday night that we have poured floors!


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  2. Have fun with your family!

    Hopefully when you back you'll be pleasantly surprised with the progress!! :-)

  3. Good luck with NVR mortgage, I have nothing but annoyance with the them. I would shop around if I were you.

  4. NVR is a pain...all I do is wait on things it I chose a different lender. Hopefully you will see some fun stuff when you get back!! Have fun!

  5. Hope you enjoy your vacation!