Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Love the house, but the truck does NOT fit.

If you've been following us, you know that the fact that our truck would not fit in the garage was a big deal.  We met with the SR manager and his words were "trust us" we will make sure it fits. Yeah, well, it doesn't. Unfortunately, we didn't pull in and check until we had closed. I don't feel like I have much recourse now. We were very happy with PM and indicated that on our survey when we closed, but not happy about the garage. We indicated that on the survey, but I'm pretty sure that won't have any impact on anything at all. So, when they say "trust us"... yeah... don't.
On another note, we do LOVE the house. Very few issues, nothing major yet to be addressed on our 30 day. We don't have a working alarm system yet, so no beeps when we go in and out. I've emailed the rep from Guardian to see how we get things going there. I promise to post pictures soon. Things are just still such a mess!


  1. If they said to trust them, then they should follow up on that and fulfill their promises of making the garage large enough for the truck to fit.. Not sure how but we've been told anything can be done.. But if you never complain it will never get fixed.. The worst they could do is do nothing, and with that you'd not be losing anything you didn't already. Good luck and enjoy your new home..

  2. I'm familiar with that concept!! I totally agree Ella. But like you, we have had our frustration, but we love the house. And our house is still messy after 3 weeks!!!

  3. Good luck on continuing your progress with move-in! Honestly, that's the part I'm looking least forward to! Hope you get some kind of resolution with the garage. I told the hubs I was worried about fitting out little SUV, I can't imagine how tight it must be with a truck!