Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 86 - grading and moved the TP holder!

We did get this list of things that will be happening over the next few days from our PM:

Final grade is happening today (this happened)
Gutters went on today (this happened)
Deck is being built today (this was started)
Trim carpenter did not make it back yesterday but will be there today or tomorrow (hopefully tomorrow, didn't come today)
Siding guy no showed last night but he is scheduled to be back today (this did not happen)
Granite will go in either today or tomorrow (this did not happen)
The plumber will be in tomorrow to wrap up his items
Electrician is scheduled for tomorrow to wrap up his loose ends
Seed and sod will go in on Monday
Painters will come back through on Friday.
Cleaners will be on Monday to give a good scrub down.
My husband noticed that for some reason above the morning room there were a couple strips of siding that appeared to have been broken off. Pretty long pieces.. not sure how it happened.
These are things we've noticed and we emailed PM about.  He's been great about addressing everything we've asked and hate to keep pointing out the bad things. But I'd rather tell him now to see if we can get some things fixed up front.
Here are the things we asked about after visiting the house tonight:
First, we've noticed there is no electrical outlet in the island. We noticed there was an electrical cord that came up out of the floor but it was between the island and the cabinet. It has since been floored over and the cord is sticking out where the dishwasher will go
Second, we noticed in the basement that we can feel the creases in the concrete through the carpet. I would hope those creases would be filled so that these aren't obvious.
Third, we noticed they started the deck.  We think the deck is supposed to be 16 x 14 with the longest part of the deck along the back of the house. It looks like they have put in the deck supports with the longer side extending from the house. It's hard to tell for sure since just the supports are in.
Fourth, we've noticed that the stain on the stairs has lighter parts, will there be more stain on the stairs?
Fifth, There are several gaps between siding strips even some places where you can see the silver wrap in between them. Will those be tightened up? I'm concerned about moisture getting in there.
Finally, we've noticed a lot of imperfections in the paint. The biggest concerns are the master bedroom north wall and the north wall going down to the basement. When the painter comes back, will he be sanding and fixing those kinds of things, or just touching up?
So not much happened on the inside of the house today... except they DID move that toilet paper holder! Thank goodness! :)

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  1. The power outlet on our Island was missing too...we mentioned that to our PM and he said it was an easy fix...and there was one more missing on the TV wall and we got the next day!

    I would definitely check with PM about the deck layout though. We still have lot of imperfections in paint...we'll have to wait and see what they'll do about it...our PM did blue tape it.