Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 85 - 3 days of no work

So... I know it was the holiday weekend...but no work today? And we have our pre-settlement walkthrough a week from tomorrow? PM says the next 3 days will be extremely busy. I sure hope he's right.  The bad thing about  no work getting done is every time we go to the house we keep noticing things that just aren't done right.  I'm sure they'll fix most of these things, but I'm tired of seeing imperfections.... tonight we noticed this one.
Will there be directions somewhere as to how you get a roll of toilet paper on this holder... and what's the point of it being so far away that you have to get up to get some? I hope they get a lot done tomorrow. :(
Still to be done:
Install Cabinets
Install remainder of cabinets in kitchen
Install remainder of siding
Install and paint pillars on the front porch
Install doorknobs on all doors
Install all faucets
Install all toilets
Install pedestal sink in half bath
Fix the wiring to the island (they drilled the hole for the wire in the wrong place so no they have floored over the wire, thus no electricity on the island)
Build Deck
Final Grade, Sod, and landscaping.
Install handrail to the basement
Install banister at the bottom of the stairs
Install entry way light
Install light in half bath
Finish installing trim
LOTS of touch up paint
Install all appliances
Install front door with upgraded handles
Install gutters
Install shutters
Those are the things I can think of off the top of my head... that seems like ALOT in a very short amount of time! 


  1. Kimberly, that's exactly how I was feeling last week. I was so worried about the amount of work that was to be done and the time felt. Everywhere I turned I saw something that was to be fixed. They WILL get this done. RH's scheduling is a little weird, but once they are there, they get a lot done in no time.
    Everything you mentioned in your list was done in our house in about 4-5 days.

    I know its hard not to worry.....have a conversation with your PM, ask him if he anticipates any delays. If he is not worried then you are fine.
    Our PM was very frank with us, he said he was confident about everything except for one cabinet that had to be re-ordered.

  2. they will get it done! Many contractors will work at the same time so it will really come together quick!

  3. That TP holder is so sad :( I know how you feel about lack of progress, I hope they stay on top it for you!!

  4. Apparently the installer doesn't use his tp, it is just decorative in his home, lol. They will fix it for you.