Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 88 - Landscaping

They have gotten LOTS done this week... but still plenty to finish up this weekend.  The PM said the painter is coming in this weekend to touch things up so he let us go ahead and mark things with blue painters tape that we wanted fixed. He had already done a lot and we added plenty.  So... we now have grass, bushes, columns on the front porch. The door has been painted. All of the cabinets in the kitchen are in.  The bathroom mirrors are in.
This was Wednesday.

This was Friday. Originally the tree was planted in the side yard, which I thought was a waste. So, PM was able to move it for us. :)


This is where siding has been ripped off the back of the house. I'm not sure how this even happened? Maybe when they installed the gutters?? This is being fixed of course.

They moved the TP holder. :)

Finally have these installed in the basement.

 I didn't realize this would be done. I'm guessing it's a moisture barrier of some sort.



Deck is done.

Upgraded door handle is in.



We aren't happy with the gaps in siding. Anyone have info on this? PM says it will expand with the humidity over the next few months. It looks cheap and I'm concerned about moisture getting in there. PM says there is moisture barrier behind it to take care of that. I'm seeing issues down the road with this. :(



All of the rod iron bars are in! Love it

All of the cabinets are hung! Now to shop for hardware. That's A LOT of doors and drawers... any recommendations on where to shop besides Home Depot, Menards and Lowes?

Crown molding is up in the dining room.

Mirror in the master


Close up of porch.
Shutters are coming this weekend or by Monday. Cleaners are coming Monday. Walkthrough Wednesday. We drove by this morning and there were several cars there!'s the list I can think of that needs to be done this weekend or at least by Wednesday's walkthrough:
Fix ripped siding.
Finish installing doorknobs on all doors, we are missing a couple.
Install all faucets
Install all toilets
Install pedestal sink in half bath
Fix the wiring to the island (they drilled the hole for the wire in the wrong place so no they have floored over the wire, thus no electricity on the island)
Install entry way light
Install light in half bath
Finish installing trim
LOTS of touch up paint
Install all appliances
Install shutters
We bought a light for my daughter's room this morning. We have our ceiling fans and our projector and receiver for the basement. We still need a light for the morning room.  It's getting really close!


  1. I love your stairs. The darker stains look so dramatic. The lawn really makes your home come to life.

  2. Beautiful choices all coming together! I agree, the tree in the side yard was a waste! It looks perfect in the front.

  3. Beautiful! Love the exterior with landscaping. And the stain on the staircase looks great. Its getting close!

  4. Love your staircase! With the dark stain it looks so elegant! I am reminded of all those teen movies with the girl coming down in her dress on prom night! How fabulous!

  5. Beautiful!! They are building one of these by our home in the "cottage" style. It is such a beautiful home. CONGRATS! I love the stairwell :)

  6. I just have to say I love your exterior choices. I really wish we had khaki or pebble clay as a choice but we don't. So disappointed. The darkest brown I get is Sandy Tan!! Congrats on your home.